Turning in my badge and shield

Just shy of six years, TD holds the record for both the largest company and the longest tenure I have had with a company to date.

Moving to a financial institution this size represented a big change for me. For the previous ten years, I worked for small consulting firms and a successful start-up. I went to work at TD not because it was a financial institution or large company but because of a few individuals that were there I wanted to work with again, specifically an executive that I had worked for in the past. He brought me on board, and quickly helped me get the exposure I needed to be successful. One of the first introductions was to an executive in the risk management area of the bank (he was actually one of the individuals that interviewed me prior to being hired). He provided wonderful opportunities, visibility, and cover when required. Thanks to him, I learned much about the risk side of security from the perspective of a large enterprise. His guidance and advice was invaluable. In fact, I was lucky. All of my leaders were good in their own way and I can recall learning from all of them.

In my time at TD, I was involved with not only security and technology, but risk, audit, team leadership, and team management. I was exposed and worked with budgets and the budgeting process, strategy from a technical and business perspective, incident response and management, implementation planning, vendor management, and other disciplines. I met many executives, many I still keep in contact with. They all have different views and experiences to draw upon. All great people.

That chapter in my career has closed, and a new chapter has started. In my new role, I will still have a security “Fin-Tech” focus, but I will be expanding to help several financial services as opposed to just one as well as other verticals with security.

My time at an enterprise was invaluable for my growth. I worked with many amazing people, many who are now friends and with continued effort will continue to be friends.

On to the next chapter ……

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