Promotional CDs and Ownership

This article caught my attention. A decision against Universal Music Group (UMG) who was attempting to sue an individual for selling promotional copies of a CD that was distributed on Ebay. The reasoning for the decision was interesting: In dismissing UMG’s lawsuit late Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge S. James Otero ruled that the promo […]

Monitoring E-Mail

Today on CBC Search Engine, there was discussion about companies that read employee e-mail, why companies read e-mail and the fact that many have a manual process for accomplishing this task. The company that was interviewed by Search Engine was Proofpoint. They make several automated solutions to accomplish monitoring e-mail. One of the comments made […] down

UPDATE II (2008/06/04 – 12:53EST): An anonymous reader commented that the reason was due to a large outage at a service provider, which coincides with the traceroute. UPDATE I (2008/06/04 – 07:25EST): P2PNet is back up. No reason as to the downtime. Must have been a network glitch I guess. When these things happen, I […]