Software Liability

Bruce Schneier has spoken about software liability many times over the years. Many of my colleagues and myself agree with him. Of course I have other friends that completely disagree. This has made for some interesting discussions over the years. I have never blogged about it directly, but you can infer it from this post. […]

Deniable File Systems and Truecrypt

An interesting research paper on the vulnerabilities of using Deniable File Systems (DFS). The popular open-source package TrueCrypt is used as the primary example, although it would apply to other DFS applications. The authors (A.Czeskis, D. J. St. Hilaire, K. Koscher, S.D. Gribble, T.Kohno, B. Schneier) note that given the current political environment in many […]

Beijing 2008 Olympics

I was having lunch with a friend of mine today. He brought up “The Tiger Effect” that had happened during the U.S.Open. Specifically he asked what is going to happen to service providers in a few weeks when the Beijing 2008 Olympics commences? If the U.S. Open was able to cause a noticable effect, then […]

Digital device search and imaging at the border

I have commented on this before here and here. EFF just posted a blog entry discussing The Statement of Lee Tien. He testified in a Senate hearing outlining the dangers of random searches of traveler’s digital devices. It is worth the read for those interested. Although this applies to U.S citizens and the U.S. I […]