Behavioural profiling … the next level

Most know that behavioural profiling is becoming more and more standard practice every day. Just by watching communication between mobile phones, communication between systems, where people connect to on the internet you can glean so much valuable information about a target. Johnny Long wrote a book about similar ways to accomplish profiling by information gathering […]

Analysis of spam marketing conversion

I’m sure you have heard a statement along the lines that says spam is profitable. The reason usually given is because spam still exists despite the improvements in anti-spam technology. The spammers keep finding new ways to get around the anti-spam technology so it must be profitable. Have you ever seen any real research and […]

Scotiabank Fraud spam

I was at a talk by a spam researcher who made the point that although there are some complicated identify theft scams happening on the Internet, most are very, very simple. Yesterday, I received 3 emails supposedly from Scotiabank. Each one had a similar format, different subjects ‘scheduled security maintenance’, ‘securing customer data’. Standard fraud […]

Network Forensics – Extracting audio, video and other binary data from capture files

I remember a few consulting gigs years ago where I was required to extract binary data such as Microsoft Word documents, audio and video files from network captures. The process was quite involved using sniffer, hex editors, base64 decoders and other software to accomplish the task. Today, there are many commercial and freely available pieces […]

Working remotely

Working remotely in my opinion is great. I came across this video of an individual April Dunford who works for Nortel. She discusses working remotely and the benefits it offers. From experience, I agree with her comments. My company has a very similar view on working remotely. Personally, I find I am much more productive […]

Its not information overload, its filter failure

Good presentation from WebExpo2.0 Expo by Clay Shirky on information overload and filters. Especially like his view on Chris Avenir, the Ryerson student almost expelled for using Facebook as a medium for a study group. Shirky suggests that every educational institution has an ‘inside’ message and an ‘outside’ message. What Avenir did that upset Ryerson […]