How ISPs peer and sell transit

Good article complete with diagrams and clear explanations on how service providers peer or sell transit to each other. The difference between each is discussed as well as how the economics work. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Autonomous Systems (AS) and ‘Hot’ and ‘cold’ potato routing are defined but that is as technical as the article […]

Full Disclosure of Security Vulnerabilities

In a previous post I commented about the MIT students being blocked from presenting their vulnerability findings of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority. Bruce Schneier summarizes the history of full disclosure and why blocking the students was wrong in a article on He also references a post by Matt Blaze which has similar comments, […]

MIT students presentation at Defcon 16 on subway hack stopped by Federal Judge

I attended DefCon 16 this year. A presentation by 3 MIT students Zack Anderson, RJ Ryan, and Alessandro Chiesa on the last day of the conference was stopped by a federal court judge. The order is here, and more details can be found here. The slides to their presentation had already been published on the […]

Logs, security, corporate culture and Splunk

I have been fortunate to attend Blackhat USA 2008 this year. I don’t usually pay too much attention to the vendors present as I am much more interested in the training, the researchers and their presentations and papers, but I usually peruse the vendor booths at some point during the conference. I stopped at Splunk’s […]

Canadian Copyright and Michael Geist

There is plenty of information available on Bill C-61 (the proposed Canadian Copyright legislation) on the Internet. Michael Geist, who for all intensive purposes is leading the charge in educating the public and helping everyone become aware and understand the issue recently presented at a strategy session. If you want a 30 minute summary of […]