The Technical Interview: An Update


Back in 2010, I wrote about an experience I had during a surprise Technical Interview. It was not my typical type of post. I wrote it mainly to clear my head about the experience. WordPress has this site statistics function that I have rarely used but I actually went to it today.  Turns out that […]

Data leakage on your home system


At a conference last year, Crowdstrike introduced a tool called Tortilla.  For those interested I wrote a little about it here.  There were 3 things that I liked about Tortilla.  First it was a windows based solution to running Tor safely.  Tor can be challenging enough to run on Linux safely for someone who knows […]

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and security


Software Defined Networking (SDN) at a very basic level is a way to separate the decision about where data is sent from the network infrastructure.  Effectively, the data plane and the control plane become independent of one another.  My interest lies in the security of SDN, an area that is very new, has not been […]

Perfect forward secrecy


Perfect forward secrecy (PFS), is something that has been around for a while.  It has recently been making much quicker development and deployment progress in the security community as a result of the bulk collection of Internet Data being done by Governments.  PFS is an effective counter-measure to this type of behaviour.  PFS guards against […]

The falacy of companies that claim to detect TOR


Over the holidays, I set up a TOR gateway. You can read about that here.  I needed a system where I could do some security research over the coming months.  I set it up as a relay node.  What this means is that the gateway will only talk on the TOR network, and could not […]

Blame has an inverse relationship with accountability


Brene Brown is a research professor at University of Houston.  I first discovered her a few years ago when I watched her in this TED talk.  I really enjoyed the talk, and have kept abreast of her talks and postings ever since.  She is a really good speaker and I enjoy her research and discoveries.  […]