My Personal Data Classification System


Do you have a information classification system?  Most organizations have some sort of data classification methodology they use to classify data.  Each classification would then have certain requirements and procedures that must be used to handle the information based on the classification.   While I have never formally created my own, I have realized that over […]

My backup catastrophe and how I solved it.


In summer of 2014, I had a data problem.  Many of our family photos and videos were stored in two places; a file-server in my home, that was online, and a external drive that from time to time I would connect up to the file-server and backup the data.  One day, the file-server was not […]

Protonmail reminds me of Hushmail


A few weeks ago, I put my name on a list for an account on Protonmail.  They recently moved to beta status and I now have an account on their system.  Ultimately, their goal appears to be a replacement for Gmail, albeit a more secure version.  Their design and goals are much more secure than […]

London is a hole …. and the new City Council


“London is a hole …”.  That was a statement I overheard in Toronto last week.  I was in Toronto as I typically am.  I left my first meeting and was headed over to a meeting in a separate building.  Two gentlemen in their late forties were behind me walking and talking about London, Ontario.   One […]

My Recent Home Internet Upgrade


For over 2 years now we have had Rogers Internet.  It was a pretty good service.  We switched to Rogers Internet from Teksavvy after they were unable to get us back online in a reasonable amount of time (no fault of their own).  Rogers was able to get us up and running quickly, and gave […]

Cloud security and celebrity naked photos


If anyone is reading the latest news or the hacker channels a few hours prior,  you would be aware of the recent posting of photos showing several famous celebrities in nude and risque positions.  Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Elisabeth Winstead, Kate Upton and several others were victims of this attack.  The hacker has released a master […]

How I enhance my anonymity


Previously, I have posted on the concepts of privacy and anonymity.  If you take these and other concepts and package them up, how does one go about their day ensuring their privacy and anonymity where necessary?  In short, there are lots of different techniques and combinations of applications and services to accomplish this.  Each has […]

Enabling encryption as a default behaviour

If an organization or individual asked me five or more years ago if traffic should be encrypted or not, I would have walked them through a bunch of questions and potentially an analysis of the type of data in question, how important is the data, analysis of the application and the traffic and some testing […]

Team Buble: A lesson in leadership


We went with friends to see Michael Buble last night in concert at Budweiser Gardens.  Michael Buble’s music and songs were what I expected.  I have and continue to like many of his songs. As with most concerts I have a baseline set of expectations, but as an entertainer Michael Buble exceeded in a way […]

CASL has been busy but good


The Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) goes into effect tomorrow.  As with most of my friends and colleagues, you could say that CASL has been causing in-boxes to be spammed with businesses seeking permission to continue to keep a electronic connection.  For me, my work email which always gets too much email for me to process […]